he CIHI links federal, provincial, and territorial governments with non-government, health-related groups. Rhial LeBlanc, President and Chief Executive Officer of CIHI described the organization as having one main focus, "The work of health care facilities and professionals is what CIHI supports, and truly improving that service is our constant objective," (1996, p.1). LeBlanc was clear that CIHI exists to "...serve all elements of Canada's health care system in an equal and responsive way." Even though CIHI was initially formed by federal, provincial, and territorial Ministers of Health, the Institute has been given latitude to grow and chart it's own course. CIHI members have chosen to keep at "arms-length" from the various levels of government and do not report directly to government officials. The Canadian Nurse's Association (CNA) and the provincial nursing associations (for example, the R.N.A.B.C.) plan to link more and more with CIHI in the future.


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