The overall culture of theprimitive Celt carries such intimate similarities to ancientHebrew and later Jewish and Israelite cultures that BibleSearchers seethem as one and the same. From their , their tribes, likeIsrael of old that lived by the martial and warrior lifestyle,their for their ruling and warrior elite with burial mounds where personalartifacts of gold, bronze and iron, that included for worship all speak to a similar culture. Then we find their close related communitiesand tightly knit social relationship that prevented them from marryingoutside of clans and tribal family units, and amalgamating withthe other cultures of the world. They lived in small farms, withsimple and primitive dwellings. Their tribes relied on staticdefenses on hilltop fortifications, like their Jewish cousinstoday in Israel always build on top of hills and surroundingeminences. Then we note the Scythian Israelite’s inabilityto fully domesticate and live a life style assimilating withinother cultures where they could cohabitate with other nationsand tribes of people. The were known by their ”for centuries and were always inclined for hunting and warfare. We see hints of that ancient Israeli culture within the inhabitantsof the nations in Europe and American today.


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