This section will address, however, not the Lacanian inspiredfeminist appropriation of psychoanalysis in the English speaking world,but the Anglo-American development of feminist psychoanalysis that hasdescended from and is indebted to British object relations theory andits focus on the pre-Oedipal mother-child bond, especially the work ofMelanie Klein and Donald Winnicott. Authors who work in this veininclude Nancy Chodorow (The Reproduction of Mothering),Dorothy Dinnerstein (The Mermaid and the Minotaur), andJessica Benjamin (Bonds of Love and Like Subjects, LoveObjects). What distinguishes this Anglo-American traditionfrom the French-influenced one is its emphasis on pre-Oedipal socialityor intersubjectivity and its focus on the values of integration,harmony, and wholeness, as opposed to those of self-division andrespecting the alien within.


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