What is it that "America most wants"? Does this phrase refer to criminals--orto crimes, to objects of desire in their real presence, unrepresented, unmediated,literally stolen & appropriated? America most fuck off work,ditch the spouse, do drugs (because only drugs make you feel as good asthe people in TV ads appear to be), have sex with nubile jailbait, sodomy,burglary, hell yes. What unmediated pleasures are NOT illegal? Even outdoorbarbecues violate smoke ordinances nowadays. The simplest enjoyments turnus against some law; finally pleasure becomes too stress- inducing, andonly TV remains--and the pleasure of revenge, vicarious betrayal, the sickthrill of the tattletale. America can't have what it most wants, so it has instead. A nation of schoolyard toadies sucking up to an elite of schoolyardbullies.


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