(Iris Chang, however, listed some irrelevant incident as something that might possibly changed the picture of the Rape Of Nanking: Iris Chang stated that Matsui Iwane [not Tani Hisao], a notorious figure since his assumption of the Taiwan garrison commander on Aug 1st, 1933, fell sick and stayed behind at Suzhou on Dec 7th, something which propelled the Japanese emperor's uncle into the post of commanding the three invasion columns against Nanking; that an ultimatum was issued before the siege of Nanking; that Matsui Iwane, for fear of the imperial uncle abusing power, had ordered that the Japanese soldiers should regroup outside of Nanking, with only the disciplined columns allowed for entry into the capital; that it was the Japanese imperial uncle who, having returned to China from Tokyo on Dec 8th, issued a secret order of "killing all prisoners of war"; and that the idea of "killing all prisoners of war" was derived from the approach adopted by a Japanese Rentai chief in solving the fate of about 300,000[?] Nationalist Army remnants who stranded behind after Japanese landing at the Jinshanwei Beach.)


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