Charles Jarrett currently publishes articles on Gullah culture and language in peer refereed journals and presents papers at professional conferences on an annual basis. Charles spends a great portion of his summer months gathering data in the Sea Islands and coastal regions of South Carolina. One way to refine an article for potential publication is to present a paper at a national conference. Charles has regularly attended the National Association of African American Studies Conference and presented papers on Gullah culture and language. Charles presented a paper (above top left) entitled "Connecting with the Soul of a Community: An Interactive Study of Gullah Culture" at the 2003 NAAAS Conference in Houston, Texas. Professionals of various disciplines (above top right) provide insightful commentary and constructive criticism to help improve the paper for future publication. Charles takes a moment to admire the beautiful flower arrangement (bottom picture) in the lobby of the Houston OMNI Westside Hotel, the annual location of the National Association of African American Studies Conference in Houston, Texas.


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