Precopulatory and copulatory behaviors are clearly apparent whenwatching males engage in sex behavior. Less clear, but equallyimportant, is the male's desire to engage in sexual activity.
* sexual motivation: can be defined as a male's inclination toseek out and approach a female for the purpose of mating
* sexual motivation differs from the ability to engage in a sexualact. Your book describes the example of a diabetic man whosepenile erectile capacity is compromised due to damage to theinnervation of erectile tissues of the penis; so the man cannotengage in sexual activity, but this is due to the fact that he cannotmaintain an erection not because he is uninterested in sexualactivity; so when an individual does not engage in sex, it becomes anissue of whether that individual is may not be interested in sex (lowmotivation) or simply unable to engage insex (physical disorder)


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