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On the panel was Jason Batterson, Tracy Edmunds, Geoffrey Golden, Josh Elder, Nick Dragotta and Jonathan Hennessey. This panel started a few minutes early. Jason talked about his math book taught in comic book form where the characters are monsters and how girls have been "caught" secretly reading it on the playground. Geoffery Golden discussed his book Probamon, a pokemon parody that shows kids how to solve math/logic problems. It's very much inspired by Square 1 and Sesame Street. Nick Dragotta does Howtoons, a science comic about building things out of local household items. It encourages kids to learn by playing, following the instructions of the book. He mentioned he has 1 page showing kids how to use a hacksaw and as a result some Libraries put the book into the adult section. He disagrees with this as he thinks kids need to learn how to use tools in order to get into the nitty gritty of building things. He has a 2nd book coming out. Fred Van Lente announced his new books, Action Presidents (US). It is a follow up to his Action Philosophers series. Jonathan Hennessey showed his The Comic Book History of Beer and said it's his goal to bring ideas that have been floating around in academia out into a more mainstream audience via the graphic novel format. In particular this looks at the theory that early humans learned to do agriculture in order to create beer and not to feed themselves. At the end Josh Elder plugged his Mail Order Ninja book.


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