ADKINS, JOSEPH H., Pfc., A. Mother, Mrs. Virgie Lawson, Tarpon
ALLMAN, GLENN. Mother, Mrs.. Martha Bolling, Honeycamp
ANDERSON, CLEMENT I., Pfe., A. Mother, Mrs. Martha C. Anderson, Selton
ANDERSON, HARRY R., Pvt, A. Executor of Estate, F. L. Sutherland, Haysi
ARRINGTON, DANIEL RAY, Fle, N. Wife, Mrs. Julia Cooper Arrington, Haysi
BALL, HENRY GRADY, Cpl., A. Mother, Mrs.. Maude Ellen Ball, Nealy Ridge
BLAIR, EUGENE, CMM, N. Father, Dakota Blair, Fremont
BLAIR, KENDRICK C., Pvt., A. Mother, Mrs. Tennessee Blair, Nora
BLAIR, KENNETH. Father, Lafayette Blair, Stratton
BOGGS, HERSHEL EUGENE, Pfc., A. Mother, Mrs.. Liddy Boggs, Honeycamp
BRANHAM, OTTO, Cpl., A. Mother, Mrs. Velva May Branham, Skeetrock
CABLE, ELMER HARRISON. (See Pulaski County)
CARPENTER, ELBERT R., 2nd Lt., A. Mother, A/Irs. Mary M. Carpenter, Clinchco
CASSIDY, HERBERT EDWARD, Pvt., A. Mother, Mrs.. Georgia Ella Cassidy, Georges Fork
COMPTON, SHIRLEY DWIGHT, Pvt., A. Mother, Mrs. Clementine Compton, Birchleaf
COMPTON, WILEY McCRACEEN. (See Russell County)
COUNTS, WILLIAM ROBINETTE, Pvt., A. Mother, Mrs. A. W. Counts. Tenso
DAVIS, JOSEPH CECIL, Pvt., A. Wife, Mrs. Grace Grizzle Davis, Kingsport, Tennessee
DEEL, WILLIAM OSCAR, JR., 1st Lt., A. Father, William O. Deel, Clintwood
DINGUS, HENRY MONROE. (See Tazewell County)
ELKINS, HUBERT. Brother, Claiborne Elkins, Shelbiana, Kentucky
FIELDS, FRANK W., Pvt., A. Father, Arthur J. Fields, Trammel
FORISH, LOUIE, N. Father, Joe Forish, Sr., Clinchco
FULLER, EARL, Pfc., A. Mother, Mrs.. Martha Frances Fuller, Tenso
GIBSON, LEE TRINKLE, Pvt., A. Wife, Mrs. Helen F. Gibson, Clinchco
GOODE, THOMAS HENRY, Pvt., A. Wife, Mrs.. Gusta Hawkins Goode, Clintwood (Also Charlottesville City)
GOURLEY, SANFORD EVANS, Pvt., A. Mother, Mrs.. Flora H. Gourley, Tarpon
HALE, NASLIN COLUMBUS, T/5, A. Mother, Mrs.. Sarah Anne Hale, Fremont
HAY, WALTER B., Pvt., A.
HAYNES, ALONZO, Pfc., A. Mother, Mrs. Hessie Harper, Freeling
HAYNES, RALPH, Pvt., A. Mother, Mrs. Mary Jane Baker Swindall, Freeling
HUGHES, CECIL CLAYTON. (See Arlington County)
JORDAN, STEWART BISHOP, S1c, N. Father, Edward L. Jordan, Clinchco
JUSTICE, LUTHER JUNIOR, Pvt., A. Mother, Mrs. Lillie M. Justice, Clintwood
KELLEY, WILLIE CROCKETT, Pfc., A. Mother, Mrs. Elizabeth Kelley, Norland
KILGORE, DENVER M., Pfc., A. Mother, Mrs. Millie Kilgore, Nora
KISER, EMORY, T/4, A. Father, Robert Kiser, Carrie
KISER. PAUL, Pfc., A. Wife, Mrs. Faye L. Kiser, Haysi (Also Buchanan County)
LEWIS, ALBERT LEE, Pvt., A. Mother, Mrs.. Susie Smith Lewis Rasnick, Stratton
McCOY, ELY R. (See Wise County)
McCOY, LANIS. Mother, Mrs.. Carrie McCoy, Nora
McCOY, LEWIS N., Pvt., A. Mother, Mrs. Alice McCoy, Nora
MARTIN, HASSEL. Father, Grant Martin, Nora
MILLER, CARANO, JR., Cpl., A. Mother, Mrs. Beulah Miller, Clintwood
MORGAN, KENNETH, Sgt., A. Mother, Mrs.. Augusta A. Morgan, Clinchco
MULLINS, BENJAMIN HARRISON, Pvt., A. Father, Preston S. Mullins, Clintwood
MULLINS, CARVEL, Pfc., A. Father, George W. Mullins, Breaks (Also Buchanan County)
MULLINS, GILMER, Pfc., A. Wife, Mrs. Meda B. Mullins, Norland
MULLINS, OSCAR MAYO, Sgt., A. Mother, Mrs. Lillie Mullins, Haysi
MULLINS, RAY, Pfc., A. Father, Marcus Mullins, Splashdam
MULLINS, RONNIE, Pvt., A. Mother, Mrs. Maude Mullens, Splashdam
NEEL, CECIL AARON, Pvt., A. Mother, Mrs. Viola Neel, Clintwood
OWENS, BERLIN, Pvt., A. Mother, Mrs. Hattie D. Owens, Vicey (Also Buchanan County)
OWENS, CECIL DALTON, Pfe., A. Father, Coy L. Owens, Nealy Ridge
OWENS, RUEY SELDON, Sgt., A. Father, Joe C. Owens, Breaks
PHILLIPS, AUBREY P., Pfc., A. Friend, Miss Louise Kiser, Hazel
POWERS, AUBREY LEE. (See Wise County)
PROP5T, JOHN FRANCIS, S2c, N. Sister, Mrs. Guy Priode, Clintwood
PUCKETT, NELSON EMERSON, Cpl., M. Parents, Mr. and Mrs. Walter C. Puckett, Nealy Ridge
RAINES, JAMEs E., Sgt., A. Father, Joseph Raines
RASNICK, HOWARD LEE, Pfc., A. Mother, Mrs. Eddie E. Rasnick, Clintwood
RATLIFF, FRENCHMAN. (See Buchanan County)
REED, JACK DEMPSEY, Pfc., A. Wife, Mrs. Ernestine B. Reed, Clinchco
REEDY, CLINTON, T/5, A. Wife, Mrs. Ada S. Reedy, Clintwood
REEDY, EDWARD, Pfc., A. Mother, Mrs. Ida Reedy, Stratton
REEDY, VIRGIL LESTER, Pvt., A. Mother, Mrs. Vesta Ellen Wailer Reedy, Omaha
RIDDLE, BOYD RUSH, Pvt., A. Mother, Mrs. Mary Fulton Rush Riddle, Madison, West Virginia
ROBINSON, CEPHAS. Mother, Mrs. Ellima L. Robinson, Clinchco
ROBINSON, JIMMIE, Pfc., A. Wife, Mrs. Tona M. Robinson, Clintwood
ROSE, DELMON,.Pvt., A. Mother, Mrs. Leear Rose, Clintwood
SKEEN, JOHN MORGAN. (See Shenandoah County)
STALLARD, CARLOS, S/Sgt., A. Mother, Mrs. Lula A. Stallard, McClure
STEVENS, JAMES A., Pfc., A. Mother, Mrs. Dora K. Stevens; Duty (Also Buchanan County)
STROUTH, MANIE WELFORD, Pfc., A. Mother, Mrs. Sarah Ellen Buchanan Strouth, Honeycamp
SUTHERLAND, ALEX W., Pfc., A. Father, Tom Sutherland, Bee
SUTHERLAND, CLAYTON COMER, Pfc., M. Mother, Mrs. Nearvie Sutherland, Bee.
SUTHERLAND, LANES B., Pvt., A. Mother, Mrs. Ida M. Sutherland, Bee
SWANNER, ORBIE, T/5, A. Wife, Mrs. Gladys Swanner, West Dante
SYKES, ERVIN, Pfc., A. Father, Lewis Sykes, Tivis
TAYLOR, LITTLETON ALBERT, T/Sgt., A. Mother, Mrs. Susie Catherine Taylor, Tenso
VANOVER, AMBROSE. (See Bristol City)
WOOD, WILLIE CALVIN, Sgt., A. Mother, Mrs. Nellie B. Wood, Haysi
WRIGHT, GARLAND, T/Sgt., A. Mother, Mrs. Betty W. Wright, Clintwood
WRIGHT, STEWART, Pfc., A. Mother, Mrs. Elizabeth Wright, Clintwood
YATES, FLOYD, Pfc., A. Father, George Yates, Vicey (Also Buchanan County)
YATES, HARDING, Pfc., A. Wife, Mrs. Lola Yates, Clintwood


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