But in my version of the timing argument although the crime ofslavery has ended and its main wrongdoers are all dead, newwrongdoers have taken their place, committing new crimes that ensurethat the damages caused by the earlier crime of slavery persist, andit is these new wrongdoers who are required to compensate thedescendants of the slaves. As I noted immediately after slavery endedthese new wrongdoers were the former slaveholders now in the guise ofexploiting capitalists, and committing new crimes that prevented theex-slaves from recovering from their ordeal in slavery; for exampleby refusing to compensate their former slaves and preventing themfrom exercising the rights guaranteed to all citizens. Of course someof these crimes were committed before their ex-slaves had conceivedany children, and consequently might have helped determine who thechildren they conceived were. But the crimes in question continuedafter their slaves conceived their children, in particular Eulah inmy example, and could therefore not have helped determine that Eulahwas conceived. And Eulah is claiming compensation only for thedamages caused by the crimes that were committed after she wasconceived. Had those crimes not been committed she would still havebeen conceived, and consequently her claim for compensation for thedamages they caused her is not incoherent.


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