This ranking list has been created to outline the top fifty small town downtowns in America. We have defined a small town as a city or town with full time residency of , or fewer citizens. The data used for this measure was the United States Census. Attention was specifically paid to those towns .Settled by the Dutch in the s, this art imitates life Main Street reads more country western than east coast especially with the inn and supper club, the Western Hotel . Sling back tuna melts and crab cakes on the patio of Matthew s on Main as you recount memories from yesteryear and plot your .In the past two decades there has been a resurgence in America s downtowns. This redevelopment isn t just taking place in our largest metropolises. Small towns and mid size cities are also experiencing a renaissance. The key in many places has been the expansion of housing options in previously retail dominated .But in this article, we re focusing on places in the U.S. that have beautiful downtown areas worth checking out. Some of these places are big cities, while others small and mid sized towns. But one thing that they all have in common is that downtown is the place to be to embrace the culture and spirit of the .


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