If Winter comes, can Spring be far behind?
There are, however, several permissible variations in the placing of stresses, whichhelp to avoid the monotony of such regular alternation; and the pentameter may belengthened from 10 syllables to 11 by a feminine ending. In classical Greek and Latinpoetry, the second line of the elegiac distich, commonly but inaccurately referred to as a'pentameter' is in fact composed of two half-lines of two and a half feet each, withdactyls or spondees in the first half and dactyls in the second.
Rhyme scheme: The pattern in which the rhymed line-endings are arranged in a poemor stanza. This may be expressed as a sequence of recurrences in which each line ending onthe same rhyme is given the same alphabetic symbol: thus the rhyme scheme of a limerick isgiven the notation . Rhyme schemes may follow a fixed pattern, as in thesonnet and several other forms, or they may be arranged freely according to the poet'srequirements. The simplest rhyme schemes are those of rhyming couplets (etc.)and of the common quatrain forms (while those of ,rhyme royal, the Spenserian stanza, and the French fixed forms are far more intricate.


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