My lab has had highly elevated alk phos for 14 months. We found it during a routine pre-surgery check. She was put on Denosyl and retested in a few weeks. Same result- alk phos off the charts. She is clinically fine, running playing jumping and is 11 1/2 years old now even after this diagnosis! Still eating and weight is the same for the last 2 years. I just had her retested and it’s still over 2000. I switched her to (Source Naturals) SamE 12 months ago instead of the Denosyl due to price, twice a day on an empty stomach. This is the same or similar to Denosyl and she gets 400 MG per dose-(you could do smaller- I’m experimenting with 200 in am and 400 in pm.) I give her the SamE with a small treat as I think it’s upsetting to her stomach by itself. It’s important to get SamE that is in foil packets. Any comments on this?


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