Fifthly,there is the universal acceptance of false religions, magic andoccultism which was rightly punishable by death earlier in ourhistory but which now is norm in the media. You will see the horriblesin of magic and occultism in every kind of TV-show; for example, inanimated cartoons it's almost 'always' the norm; it is also afrequent occurrence on other shows broadcasted for the general publicsuch as Buffy the vampire slayer, Charmed, Sabrina the Teenage Witch,etc! Many famous comedies are also making this evil filth seem funand acceptable. But then again, the norm of comedian shows is to makefun of things that are abominable and sinful. A person cannot watchcomedy-shows without being guilty of grave sin, for how can a persontake delight and laugh about things which displease God?


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