You are an essential part of the IEP team that reviews and revises your son’s IEP, (not just what the principal says).Is there documentation that your son’s para is only for “crisis management”?
Is there documentation and data (in the Present Levels) about your son’s needs, weaknesses, why he needs a para?
For the annual IEP review, will the updated, accurate, and current Present Levels document strengths that indicate your son no longer needs a para?
Does the school have documentation and data that shows your son is meeting his goals, is progressing in the general curriculum in a way that demonstrates he no longer needs a para?
Do YOU have documentation and data that shows your son needs a para to progress?
Are you documenting everything the school is saying to you and using polite letters to the school to create a paper trail?Use the search box on any Wrightslaw page to learn more about these search terms: revising the IEP, aides, paraprofessionals, progress, measuring progress, parental rights, documentationServices / Terminating Services: WITHDRAWING FROM SPECIAL ED?Michele: Can an 18 year old in the District of Columbia withdraw from special education services?JG: Michele- Are you asking if the 18 year old can withdraw themselves?


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