In 1949, the Soviet Union exploded its first nuclear weapon, and the two powers began an arms race that saw them build enough nuclear weapons to incinerate Earth’s land masses many times over. Also in 1949, the USA had a plan to attack the Soviet Union with atomic weapons. The plan was to deliver about 70 nuclear weapons onto the Soviet Union over a 30-day period, which would destroy about 40% of the Soviet Union's industrial capacity. The Joint Chiefs of Staff realized, however, that dropping 70 nuclear bombs onto the Soviet Union would not be enough to assure victory. They realized that they would also need ground troops, and members of the infamous Bloodstone program (staffed with Nazis and Nazi-collaborators that the USA hired after World War II was over) would engage in completing the American victory over the Soviet Union. Bloodstone mercenaries were to be flown to the Soviet Union's glowing ruins to complete the job. A major aspect of the plan was fomenting an uprising of the Soviet people against Stalin's regime. Christopher Simpson wrote:


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