Since the urban schools are becoming statistics in the murders by students with guns, people are starting to recognize that the gun control methods need to be modified. Schools of America seem to have the attitude or hope that the gun problem does not enter their school. While hoping for the problem to not enter their school, they ignore the possibility that they are just as capable of becoming the next school to become a victim of gun violence. Is gun control a problem for the police, a problem of the government and lawmakers, or a problem of U.S. families? No one can seem to pinpoint a solution--but as we as a society keep searching--children are getting guns and committing violent acts. For this problem to be dealt with effectively it will take all of these groups working together. In the remaining portion of the paper there will be a discussion of methods to stop the guns from entering schools. Also personal experiences of gun control in schools, current ways that people are trying to control gun selling and buying, and also proposals to stop guns from being used for the wrong purposes. All of this research is in an attempt to reach a possible conclusion for the abolition of gun violence in schools.


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