Hi, I am a Reiki Master Teacher and a psychic in Indonesia. Here I wish to share my experience with Orbs and Ghosts. Orbs are spirit in its real form, and it can help or bother people. With active third eye, we can see the orbs, if they exist. It's actually not a perfect circle, but a little bit elliptical with some color, such as green, grey, white, etc (as I myself experienced to see them). The real ghost in form of animal and human like also exist in this world with parallel dimension of ours, but often different backgrounds, for instance we are in the office room while "they" are in the "forest". Ghosts are available not just at night. Some I can see with naked eyes, some by my hearing (the latter occur in the form of soldier walking steps accompanying me after I finished praying at one funeral of a Dutch general in Bogor).


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