I had predicted from the onset there might be some type of strong scent around the I predicted from the onset there might be powerful wild animal scents around the parapets that might over-stimulate a dog's senses. However, I needed some evidence of something more tangible. I knew there would be scent-marking from rats, squirrels, stoats and possibly the rarer pine-martins or the related, much larger, mink. The latter creature first introduced from North America into the UK for farming and inadvertently (or deliberately) released into our countryside. The death-records of most dogs that have leapt from the bridge date back to the onset of mink-farming in the 1960s and this factor offered an additional clue. Evidence of mink or otter was confirmed in the area not only by a naturalist, who spotted droppings beneath the bridge, but also by Kenny, who explained as an angler that the top hill-quarry had lakes that contained trout (perfect diet). James, my brother in law, witnessed what could have been the presence of otter or mink which he calmly watched follow a hedge-trail behind me during filming.


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