Turn right and you pass Old Guys Hospital on your left, the Herb Garret/Old Operating Theatre museum on your right (small but interesting) and if you continue to the end of the road you emerge onto Borough High Street. Turn Left to visit the George (No 77) - the last London galleried coaching inn, where plays were performed in Shakespearean times. The current building dates from 1667 - though there have been inns on the site since the middle ages - it originally occupied three sides of the courtyard, but two sides were demolished for the railway in 1899 (London's tragedy - so much has been/is being demolished). Great place to have a drink on a winter's evening - the interior is much as it was 200 years ago, though the beer is reportedly better. Destroyed now, but 100 yards further south lay the Tabard, from where Chaucer's Pilgrims set out in Canterbury Tales.


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