April 13: What is the "Apocalypse of John"? The most puzzling book of the Bible and its manifold interpretations. Roman politics, foretelling the future, or a metaphor for Kundalini symbolism?

April 20: Gnostic Apocalypses: The proto-Gnostic Ezra, Zostrianos, Thunder the Perfect Mind; Trimorphic Protennoia; The Secret Book of John and other books of the Nag Hammadi collection.

April 27: The Depth Psychological Meaning of the Apocalypse: The Depth Psychological Meaning of the Apocalypse. The Archetype of the Apocalypse as seen by Edward Edinger; which is the "momentous event of the coming of the Self into conscious realization", an earth-shaking event both in the life of the soul and of the culture.


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