Twentieth-century music has seen a great coming and going of various movements, among them post-romanticism, serialism and neo-classicism in the earlier years of the century, all of which were practiced at one time or another by Russian composer . More recently, aleatory or "chance" music, neo-romanticism, and minimalism have been in vogue by a handful of . With the commercial dissemination of music through the various media providing music as a constant background, the general populace has largely dismissed much of the music produced using bold, new, or experimental styles, preferring to turn to the forms and genres (and often the composers) with which it is most familiar. Many of the greatest and best-known composers of this century, including Sergei Rachmaninoff, Sergei Prokofiev, and Dmitri Shostakovich, and British composer , have been those who have written music directly descended from the approved models of the past, while investing these forms with a style and modernistic tone of their own.


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