This vase is a stunning example of where iconography tells us as much or more than words, the illustration on the Dinos shows a fleet of war ships underway on an ocean voyage. For anyone that has been at sea the imagination is all you need to be there with the crew of the ship . The art represents a moment with the Greek navy frozen in time. This art is a stunning window to the past. Artistically this black-figure dinos is notable for its austere decoration. The shining black lacquer and the ornament around the neck emphasizes the chiseled form of the vessel. On the inner surface of the neck are five oar ed ships plowing through the rough sea. The artist carefully depicted the silhouettes of the ships, the prows in the form of dolphins' heads, and swans' heads on the stern, sail, rope and oars. In depicting the crew the artist paid particular attention only to the helmsmen, while the heads of oarsmen are represented as black circles, which can be easily taken for mere ornament.


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