These conclusions were based on comparisons with coverage that Ken Griffey, Jr., an African American, had received in the homerun races he had with Mark McGuire in the years before. They were also based on predictions that if Griffey was in Sosa's shoes in 1998, that he would have received as much attention as McGuire. "Radio talk shows in Latin communities are screaming discrimination. The thrust being that if Sosa were White or even an African-American like, say, Ken Griffey Jr., that baseball would have treated him differently." The difference between Sosa and Griffey was not their race, but rather their language and national origin. For some, this outsider status was the reason Sosa's accomplishments were overlooked. People simply didn't like the fact that Sosa, a foreigner even though he was an American citizen, challenged the home run mark of the all-American game.


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