With the support of the President, Xavier University’s Ethics/Religion and Society program, along with the Brueggeman Center for Dialogue and the Eigel Center for Community-Engaged Learning are hosting a Town Hall meeting on Feb. 2, 2016, to promote reflection on where we stand 15 years after the Cincinnati riots, as well as what the future might hold for our communities. As part of the E/RS series, , the Town Hall meeting is an interactive panel session to encourage the panelists and audience to engage each other in a reflective dialogue and discussion. In preparation, there will be two lead-up sessions: On Jan. 20, Fr Graham SJ will outline the historical background of the "riots," and on Jan. 26, U.S. District Court Judge Susan Dlott will address the Collaborative Agreement between the city, police and community. After the Town Hall, on March 1, is a musical event featuring a composition about the 2001riots by Dr. Kaleel Skeirik, of the Department of Music, and lyrics by Dr. Tyrone Williams, of the Department of English.


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