The reason that most homophobes and anti gay campaigners believe why homosexuality should be banned and made illegal, is that it is against religion as well as against nature. From an abomination, a mental illness to a disease, homosexuality has been given various negative descriptions, and it is this notion that leads to the belief that since it is an error, it can be cured. Due to societal pressures, many homosexuals have been forced to undertake techniques such as praying or cure therapies by religious groups, reparative therapy with psychiatrists, hormone and behavioral therapies. In the 50’s and 60’s extreme methods such as shock treatments, brainwashing as well as drugs were used. Since then, it has been widely accepted that it is not a disease to be cured. The American psychiatric association in 1973 and the American psychological association in 1974 removed homosexuality from it list of mental illnesses.


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