"Good. Before I divide you into four groups and send you off, there's one more thing. My assistant is now passing out personalized copies of the Oath you will be taking tonight. It's printed in English and in your own home language, if it is not English. If you have trouble speaking English during the oath, don't worry about it. Just try to imitate what the officiant says. It's raising your right hand on camera during the reading of the Oath that counts. That's what legally commits you. Until then you can still back out. But remember that there are consequences for quitting at this point. They were spelled out in your contract. You and your named beneficiaries would have twenty-four hours to reimburse URP for all expenses incurred in bringing you here — including recruitment, transportation, accommodations, meals, entertainment, wardrobe, bodily adornments, medical exams, consorts and so forth. Plus thirty-eight percent interest. That's an amount that bankrupts most people instantly. Failure to pay in full and on time means you would be charged with breach of contract, theft by deception and unlawful flight to avoid a certified culling lottery. Your named beneficiaries will be charged with aiding and abetting. Every one of those charges is a capital offense and convictions are pretty much automatic. Something to think about."


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