Despite the importance of his office, very little has been written about Hans Heinrich Lammers. When Hitler formed his first cabinet in 1933 he surprised many people by asking Lammers to join the new government as State Secretary. Lammers, a trained jurist, was new to the Nazi Party, having joined only in 1932. Prior to that Lammers had been an avowed nationalist and member of the Stahlhelm veterans' organization. In his capacity as State Secretary, however, Lammers proved to be an able and reliable representative as Hitler's liaison between the various ministries of the government. Lammers also played a crucial role creating legislation, including the Nuremberg Race Laws, that established a legal foundation for the Nazi State. Lammers also acted as a filter through which all kinds of legal and administrative information pertaining to the ministries passed to and from Hitler. As State Secretary, Lammers was present at many important meetings on Nazi policy, including the so-called "Euthanasia Program" to eliminate the mentally ill and physically handicapped.


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