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216-1,KEUMAHM-RI, JINCHUN-EUP,JINCHUN-GUN , CHUNG-BUK, KR - woollen fabric, Knitting yarn, carpets,garment
ShanDong TianXiang Woollen Mill Ltd.,a large scale,national second enteprise is also a national collective and the winner of "May Day"labour cetificate ,owing more than 1000/woolen spindles ,with the annal capacities of 4million of high quality woolen fabrics and 400/tons of knitting yarn .Approved by Minsitry of Economic and Trade of P.R.C in 2000,it invested 42 million RMB for the introduction of international first class machines such as carding machine, spinning machine, automatic winding machines, dyeing machines, and finishing machines respectively form Germany, Italy, Belgium, Japan and so on, to produce cashmere yarn, lamb wool yarn, silk-cashmere blending yarn, knitting yarn as well as curl yarn with counts ranging from 6s-48s.


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