If for some chance the European knight were up against a female samurai, the contest would be over before it begins. She’d gun him down with arrows, and if that didn’t work, she’d trip him with her naginata then carve her kanji into his back. She’s faster, lighter, and has more than a yard of reach with a weapon designed to trip opponents as well as dismount them. If they are both mounted, the knight will be sniped or at minimum dismounted. If the knight is mounted and the female samurai is not, the knight will be dismounted. The naginata user specifically trained for dismounting foes that spear charged. If the female samurai was mounted and the knight was not, she would dismount, keep her distance, force the knight to pursue on foot, then trip him once he got moving too fast. On the ground, the knight would not be able to get up and close ground before the female samurai could end him. if the knight tried something like grabbing the naginata from the ground, he’d lose fingers (if not the arm at a joint) as the blade of the weapon is longer than his arm.


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