Susan has recently launched her own dedicated website. A fascinating glimpse into the legacy of her late father and will certainly remind the public who were hoodwinked over the farce of a 'trial' at that time. A 'D' notice was applied to the actual case notes and the press were not allowed to reveal the many travesties of justice that took place in the court. These notes are now available for inspection at the National Archives in Kew after being 'closed' for some 40 odd years and it is hoped that the truth will soon be told in many ways. The government and 'establishment' of the mid Sixties were determined to close down the 'pirate' station and the Reg Calvert murder was a perfect scapegoat as it painted a story of intrigue, corruption and the links to criminal activity. Even the Kray twins had some connections in this story but many were too 'frightened' to talk about it for many years. Much of the 'evidence' surrounding the shooting was full of holes and important witnesses were not allowed to testify. This led to Oliver Smedley's acquittal as the murder charge was dropped to 'manslaughter' on the grounds of self-defence, despite it being a cold blooded shooting in the doorway of that remote Essex cottage on June 21st 1966. Take a look at Susan's new website and this will be updated over the coming months- if YOU have any recollections of this story then please get in touch, especially if having any personal involvement.


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