Well, don’t you worry, level 9 barbarian, rest assured that there is order in that virtual world. Illustrated in that story is the understanding that whether you are in the physical world or the virtual world, people look for the core fundamentals of government, law, and order. In the virtual world, government comes from two sources, the in–game rules created by the game designers (source code), and the contractual agreements written by the game designer’s legal team (civil code). In both cases, the code is often shrouded from users either by 1s and 0s or by complex technical and legal terminology. While obfuscated code is typically meant to refer to the difficulty of understanding the source code (“Obfuscated code,” 2008), the documents used to govern the use of the virtual world can be equally obtuse. As such, due to the obfuscated nature of these governing documents, this system of government can be referred to as an obfuscatocracy.


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