While you cut the grass with a ‘real’ lawn mower, you’ll be watching in envy as your child runs around smiling and chasing bubbles with this unbeatable product from Fisher-Price. This quality brand of children’s toys does it again with this toy Bubble Mower, providing hours of entertainment for young children. The colourful and fun design of this toy lawn mower makes it aesthetically pleasing and the great features make it functional and enjoyable. Pretending to mow the lawn has never been so fun for children as with this awesome Bubble Mower.
The all-terrain traction on the tyres gives this toy mower great ground clearance, meaning it can be used in all corners of the yard. This feature makes it sturdy and durable so your kids can run around even more without you worrying about the toy mower breaking down. There is a realistic electric start key that will impress your kids when they get to hold down the button and hear it start up. Similarly, the speed-control lever gives kids the feeling that they are actually controlling a real lawn mower. This is not only excellent for kids’ amusement and imagination, but also has educational benefits as they learn about the connections between buttons and levers and the functionality of machinery.


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