It's interesting to me that the one man in human history who changed more lives and impacted the world for good more than any other was a simple Jewish carpenter-turned-teacher. He traveled the countryside with a group of fisherman, a terrorist, a tax collector, a rabbinical student, and other men of simple means and no formal education. He drew crowds numbering in the thousands and kept them captivated (sometimes for days) without the aid of a stage, laser lights, or a sound system. He did not dispense pithy platitudes or regurgitated rhetoric culled from others...instead, he taught simple, beautiful, and earth-shattering truths that penetrated the hearts of many that heard him and changed their lives forever. The best part of the story about this odd teacher is that, even though he lived 2,000 years ago, anyone who seeks him can still find him and have his truth change their life too.


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