Organizations such as the Red Cross, Patriotic League, and YWCA also made efforts in supporting wartime hardships that the nation might face. The Red Cross organized non-professional women to aid in relief work. To help the war effort, many women joined the Red Cross as nurses. While they were in the Red Cross, they rolled bandages, knitted socks, and worked in military hospitals. Most of the women were wives and mothers of soldiers of all classes. The Red Cross war council also created a women’s bureau, which appointed a national advisory committee of women that made an effort to recruit every available woman in the campaign to make adequate funds and supplies. Women in the Red Cross were also helpful in recruiting men who had not joined the war. One method was by showing a man in civilian clothes with white feathers as a mark of cowardice. Another method was by making women speak at public meetings, encouraging others to have nothing to do with men who had not joined the war. Women also went over seas as members of the Voluntary Aid Detachment of the Red Cross. Volunteering brought them out of the house and into the public. Women had no trouble filling the gaps left by men who went to war. The Red Cross continued to encourage many women to join the Red Cross by saying “It’s the patriotic duty of every man, woman, and child to join the Red Cross. Why wait to be asked? Be a volunteer.”


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