In April 11,1982 Allen Harry Goodman, an Israeli soldier, went on a shootingrampage on the Temple Mount. Storming into the Al Aksa Mosque with an M-16rifle Goodman killed a Muslim guard and wounded other Arabs. This incidentset off a week of rioting and strikes in Jerusalem, the West Bank, and theGaza Strip. At his trial Goodman told the court that he had expected tobecome "King of the Jews by liberating this holy spot." He wasconvicted a year later and sentenced to life plus two terms of twenty years.

Jerusalem's psychiatrists and mental institutions have learned to expect,and to professionally render aid to a growing number of insane or marginallyunstable individuals who flock to Jerusalem every year. Some pilgrims claimto be the True Messiah, or the Virgin Bride of Jesus, or the Two Witnessesof the Apocalypse. Moses, Elijah and Nehemiah, usually in costume, announcetheir return from the dead fairly often in the public square. Quickly theseproblem children are whisked off to wards now accustomed to the bizarreand the unexpected as regular parts of living in "the City of a GreatKing." The problem is so significant it has been labeled "theJerusalem Syndrome." The City of Peace" preserves its tranquillityand peace one day at a time, sometimes by a slim margin indeed.


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