Don Bosco longed for paradise. His usefulness on earth was spent. He would not now join with his heart-broken followers as they begged for his recovery. He lingered on, however, for another month, his body para­lyzed throughout. It was on Jan­uary 29th, the feast of his patron, St. Francis de Sales, in the year 1888, that his last agony began. On the following day, priests and students filed into his presence to receive the pardon and blessing of the dying man. Just after the morning Angelus had rung on the 31st of January, Don Bosco, at the age of seventy-two, went forth to his eternal rest. His deathbed was surrounded by his loyal chil­dren, the fruits of a laborious life; their only consolation now, the memory of his last words, spoken a few days earlier before his powers had failed: “Tell my boys I am waiting for them in heaven.”


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