Although Rulfo was not a very productive author, writing only two books, he is still considered one of the finest writers of the 20th century creating an impact and inspiring many other Latin American authors such as Gabriel García Márquez. Rulfo began writing during the 1940s and published his collection of short stories entitled El llano en llamas at the age of 35. The stories were a depiction of the harsh realities of life, showing the world to be a cruel place to live in. They were set in rural Mexico during the times of the Mexican Revolution and Cristero Rebillion. The best liked story of this collection, Diles que no me maten! (Tell Them Not to Kill Me!) revolves around an old man who is to be executed whose prison guard happens to be the son of the man he killed. Another story of much interest to readers is ¿No oyes ladrar los perros? (Don’t You Hear the Dogs Bark?) about a man desperately trying to find a doctor with his wounded son on his back.


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