8. BUY A CHEAP PHONE OR USE SKYPE: A few years ago I used my personal cell phone during my 10 day stay. My bill was $358. I did speak to my husband each day for a few minutes, but we paid overseas long distance charges at both ends. I'm a person who likes the phone and loves to communicate. But these days you can communicate via social media and skype for nothing but the cost of Wifi (and that can be found for free). If you need to call B&Bs, tourism offices and you expect to be back in Ireland in the coming years, invest in a cheap phone and sim card. It will cost about $50 and you can simply pay as you go. This works for calls inside ireland and is very convenient. For communicating with the homeland, find a Wifi connection and use skype, facetime or social media. TIP: If you're not used to these platforms, test them before you go. AT&T has a nice cheap data package that so many texts and data usage while using the Irish wireless telecommunications system. Check with your provider.

Consider Skypeing home. Almost all the hotels and B&B's have WiFi now. If your smart phone is WiFi compatible, download the FREE Skype app and simply Skype home for free.


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